Learn to Dance in San Diego

Choosing the right place for dance lessons isn't just about dancing.

It's about....

Being comfortable.

It's about how you feel in a lesson - and eventually on the dance floor.
Private space, patient teachers, no distractions.


It's about enjoying yourself. Keeping it simple.
Learning to dance doesn't need to be tricky and elaborate. It actually can be easy and fun.

Tailor made lessons.

It's about learning efficiently & not wasting time.
No two people learn quite the same, so Its nice to have your lessons specifically crafted to suit your needs. Not only is it nice- it's effective!

Experienced professionals.

It's about knowing who to trust.
In any venture, you look for people who are exceptional at what they do. As dance teachers, we have honed our craft over the years, love what we do, and can deliver.

Give us a call today and let us know what you're looking for.
We'll be happy to answer any of your questions about dance lessons, and to help get you started.

Salsa dancing

“Dancing Together” is based in San Diego and offers private dance instruction in a friendly, relaxed environment. The focus of learning is on competence, comfort, and enjoyment. Our dance studio is unique to San Diego in that we offer students a private environment for learning.

Whether you are inspired to learn the art of social dancing, or you’re interested in insuring that your First Dance as husband and wife is a complete and enjoyable success, ‘Dancing Together’ can help you reach your goals. The style of instruction and material taught will cater specifically to your needs and desires.

Silke Ballroom Dance Instructor
         		Ballroom Dance Instructor

At Dancing Together, your dance lessons will always be private. This means that during a lesson, you will have your teacher’s undivided attention. New students generally learn better in a private setting. If mistakes are made, they can be corrected right away before becoming habits. In a private dance lesson, all of your questions and thoughts can be readily addressed by your instructor.

Whether you chose to learn on your own or with a partner, your dance lessons will always be focused on the specific material that interests you. You will learn through a style of teaching that suits you best, and at your own pace.

Taking dance lessons in San Diego can open up a world of social possibilities and enjoyment. San Diego is constantly welcoming new nightspots catering specifically to the dancing community. From Salsa dancing to Swing, Foxtrot and Tango…you’ll find ample opportunity to try out your newfound skills.

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