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What Will This Cost Me?

The cost of learning to dance varies from student to student and depends on several factors:

Which dances will you be learning? Learning a variety of dances and becoming a well- rounded dancer will take more time than focusing on just one style of dance.
How frequently will you be taking lessons? Frequent and consistent lessons help new students retain information and less time is spent during each lesson reviewing. (1 –2 times a week is average.)
Will you practice? Many students learn to dance without practice beyond their weekly lesson, but of course, practicing speeds progress.
How good a dancer do you want to be? If you’re interested in learning just enough basic steps to ‘get by’ on the dance floor, this will take less lesson time than if you intend to become a stylish dancer who stands out in a crowd.
Most people have very different goals and desires for their dancing, and everyone learns differently. Programs are molded to suit the individual. Plan as few or as many lessons as you choose.
Private Lessons

Lessons are 45 minutes in length.
Lesson prices are for singles or couples.

Introductory Lesson: $35.00
Private Lessons:  $75.00 each
5 or more Private lessons: $70.00 each
10 or more Private Lessons:  $65.00 each


  An introductory private lesson is offered at half price to *all new students. After this lesson, your teacher will be able to give you a recommendation on the number of lessons it will likely take you to reach your goals. As well, you will have a clearer picture of the amount of time, effort and money involved.  


Private Group Classes          

Private group class pricing is is based on $75 for the first couple, plus $10 per additional person to
a maximum class size of 14.

Classes are 45 minutes in length.

If you are planning a one-time special event class (like Bridal Party Prep, or a Birthday Event) we
recommend scheduling a double session.

# of Dancers Total Class Price Average Cost per Person
4 $95 $23.75
6 $115 $19.17
8 $135 $16.88
10 $155 $15.50
12 $175 $14.58
14 $195 $13.93



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Dancing Together
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