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Meet Your Instructors

Rebecca Grohowski

Since moving to San Diego in 1996, Rebecca has been teaching, performing, and participating in the constant evolution of social dance throughout the San Diego area. Trained in the traditional Ballroom and Latin dances, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Lindy-hop, Salsa, and Argentine Tango, Rebecca's expertise lies in helping new students find their comfort level on the floor. Her unique style of instruction has helped hundreds of dancers in San Diego develop the confidence and skills necessary to take on the social dance floor with style and ease.

Rebecca's training is based in the Syllabi of the National Dance Council of America and The U.S. Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance.

She is also a certified instructor of The Alexander Technique (AmSat).

Presently, Rebecca offers private dance lessons in San Diego. Her dance studio at the gateway to Pacific Beach.

Hailing from Pennsylvania, Rebecca received a BA in Integrative Arts at Pennsylvania State University. The program provided comprehensive schooling in the visual and performing arts. She left the East Coast in search of warmer weather, and to pursue her lifelong love: Dancing


Silke started dancing at the age of 10 in her home country, Germany. She soon began competing in the amateur Latin division, and continued to do so for six years. In 1996 she immigrated to the US, with the intention of solidifying her professional career as a teacher, performer and professional level competitor.

She made her home in San Francisco, and by the time she retired from the competitive floor in 2003, she had become a well-known and respected teacher in the San Francisco Bay area.

Silke's proficiencies include ballroom and Latin dancing, as well as wedding and special event preparation and choreography. She also loves to teach social dancing, freestyle and club dancing. One of her unique specialties is pop burlesque.

One of Silke's favorite things is seeing her students' confidence grow as they progress in their lessons. She loves helping people learn to move more gracefully, and gain their own sense of confidence and style on the floor.

In addition to partner dancing, Silke enjoys dancing and teaching "Pop-Burlesque".

   A feminine and classy style of solo dance, "Pop-Burlesque" is danced to modern music and often uses props like hats, fans and feather boas. It's a unique way for her to teach her students to be more expressive in their dancing, and to get in touch with the feminine elements of movement.


Jasmine has had a passion for creative movement from the time she was a small child. She enjoyed hearing stories of how her grandfather was an amazing swing dancer and of how her great grandmother danced flamenco. When music was on -she was dancing.

As a teenager she took up belly dancing, hip hop and swing dance. By the time she was nineteen she had fallen in love with partner dancing and decided to pursue dancing as a profession.

Jasmine specializes in ballroom dance and group dance instruction, as well as performances for special events.

Jasmine finds it rewarding to watch how the art of partner dance enhances the lives of her students.

"It builds their confidence, brings couples closer together, and adds more joy to their lives. My objective is not just to teach and entertain, but to inspire."

Originally from Dallas, TX, Jasmine spent most of her life in Nashville, TN. Since moving to San Diego in 2015, she has found fresh inspiration for her creative endeavors. In addition to dancing, Jasmine plays and produces her own music and is a visual artist.

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