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First Dance Tips

There are many details to consider when preparing for your first dance. Your instructor can help insure that all your bases are covered. Take a few moments to read through this list, and you’ll be prepared to provide your instructor with the type of information that will help her serve you best.

  • Have you chosen a song? The music you choose will determine the type of dance that is appropriate. If you are undecided, your instructor can go through several selections you are choosing from, and give you a taste of what each dance would be like. Knowing which styles of dance you prefer can help you decide on the song you’d most enjoy dancing to.
  • How big is your dance floor? ‘Traveling’ dances such as Foxtrot, Tango and Waltz require a larger floor, whereas ‘spot’ dances like Rumba and Swing can be danced comfortably in a very small space.
  • Does the wedding gown restrict movement? Some gowns don’t allow a bride to lift her arms over her head. Be sure to bring any physical restrictions up to your instructor before you begin. A few lessons before the wedding, a dress rehearsal with petticoat, shoes and veil is a good idea. This helps to eliminate surprises and possible distractions on the big day.
  • Will you be dancing throughout the rest of the evening? If you intend to dance more than just the first dance, some extra preparation can get you ready to dance to a variety of different music. Developing your overall dancing skills will bring confidence and comfort on the floor.
  • Will there be Mother/Son and Father/Daughter dances? Remember, these are special moments for Mom and Dad, and they may be even more enjoyable with a little preparation.
  • What is your vision? The first step in getting what you want from your lessons is knowing what you want. Give some thought to what you consider to be the ideal scenario for your dance. Simple and elegant? Traditional and romantic? Peppy and cheerful? Elaborate and Showy? Share your vision with your instructor and she will be in a better position to help you fulfill it.
  • Do you intend to continue dancing or taking dance lessons after the wedding? Performing a wedding dance with your partner is very different than everyday social dancing. If you are planning on learning ballroom dance to enjoy throughout the rest of your lives, your teacher may introduce techniques and ideas that would be unnecessary to address if you are simply learning with the goal of your first dance in mind. If you intend to become a good social dancer, its important to lay the groundwork of good technique right from the beginning.
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