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Wedding dance lessons can be a fun stress reliever when it comes to preparing for your big day. We love to hear the stories of how much fun our students had dancing their first dance... and how much their family enjoyed watching!

Kelly and Dan Durkin"We had a perfect first dance! We were on the beat, I let Dan lead, and everyone was impressed! Everyone is now sold on taking lessons! It was just perfect and we owe it all to you! Thank you for everything and for making our first dance a success!"
- Kelly & Dan Durkin
Mindy, Darren and Bob, her dad
- Mindy, Darren and Bob, her dad
Elina and Jay"Rebecca is an excellent teacher!! In the 7 weeks we have trained with her, she taught us basic rumba proficiency and got us to a point of looking good on the dance floor. My husband had no prior dance experience, but can now confidently lead me into a variety of patterns.

"We are very happy with the experience and plan to continue building up on what we've learned. We always leave the studio happy and are excited to learn additional dance styles with Rebecca in the future."
- Elina &Jay
Arnie and Julie White"Thank you for the wonderful "crash course" before our wedding You would have been impressed... We looked like we had been dancing together for years!"
- Arnie & Julie White
"Isabella was amazing! She really broke the dance down into digestable pieces and made it fun and enjoyable in the process!

"'Dancing Together' is a necessity for all of you Brids & Grooms to- be! Thank you for making our 1st wedding dance something we'll never forget."
- Chris & Joyann Book

Dave and Molly Baughman"We made it through our dance! We can`t thank you enough for your patience and for working with us so quickly. The dance went so well...Thank you for all your help."

- Dave & Molly Baughman
Debbie & Jason Hatz"Thank you for your hard work in helping us with our first dance. It turned out wonderful and very fun!

"Although our weeks were busy, and the last thing we wanted to do was go to dance lessons, you made them fun!"
- Debbie & Jason Hatz
- Darren and Jessica
- Mark and Lauren
"The ability to dance with my daughter at her wedding was priceless! Many thanks to the competent staff at Dancing Together for making dancing do-able, fun, and even addicting!"
- George Ching
"Thanks again for all your help with our dancing lessons! They certainly paid off in a big way! Everyone was really impressed- not to mention we had a blast!"
-Kim & Kevin Messey
Robert and Claire Mills"We want to thank you for quickly whipping us into a Foxtrotting force. We know it took a fair amount to get us ready for our 1st dance in such a short time.

"We especially appreciate the detail-oriented way you prepared us , as it let us get through the dance from start to finish on beat, and with an excellent close. Also, the extra step you developed for us ( both of us spinning and moving across our small dancefloor) gave our dance that touch of flairI I was looking for. (Although it was almost Claires undoing in her dress....we pulled it off!)

"We thank you for listening to Louis Armstrong as often as you had to, and again, for putting together such excellent starting and finishing routines, without the entire dance being choreographed."
- Robert and Claire Mills
Aron Tremble & Kristi Watson "We had a fabulous time at Dancing Together.

"It was always a fun evening that we often turned into a date night that gave us time together before our wedding."
- Aron Tremble & Kristi Watson

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